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A new exhibit that opens this weekend at the Arkansas Tech Museum is the first of its kind in the state in more than a decade.

Unless otherwise stated, all of the following events are copied from the Arkansas Tech Museum website or the official website of Pope County, Arkansas. The Arkansas Collection includes a collection of published and non-fiction books written by Arkansas authors. It contains 96 family biographies, including those of the first three presidents of Arkansas, the last three governors, and includes two separate sections, one of them on CD. There are pages on the Papal districts in Arkansas that contain historical and biographical information.

If you are interested in Arkansas history or the ancestry of its residents, whether you are a resident or not, you should consider visiting the Arkansas Tech Museum or the Pope County, Arkansas History website. For more information on the Arkansans for Arkansas Genealogy website, please visit "Arkansas Genealogies: The Arkansas Collection" and "Pope County History.

The State Library microfilms the historic edition of the Arkansas Gazette and also maintains several newspaper archives available locally. The Arkansas Family Historian, a collection of books published by the Southern Publishing Company, is available free of charge on the Genealogy Hound website. Books sent to the AGS to be reviewed for the Arkansas Family Historyorian are always donated to libraries that do not have a copy. Sometimes they are purchased and donated through the Arkansans for Arkansas Genealogies website, sometimes through the Arkansas History Commission, and sometimes purchased.

The AGS also contributes to the genealogical collection through the Arkansas History Commission, the State Library of Arkansas, and other organizations and organizations.

If you are interested in adopting a county project, please contact the AGS Office of Genealogical Research in Arkansas at (704) 684-5555. Starting at the state line in Chicot County, follow the Mississippi west, follow it to West Memphis and then east to Arkansas City, Arkansas. Start in West Memphis and follow it south to East Memphis and west to Little Rock. Follow it north to North Arkansas, then southeast to South Arkansas and south again to Memphis.

The northern border includes the Ozark National Forest and the Arkansas River serves as the southern border. Russellville is located on the parallel US-64 route, which runs from east to west, and also on Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway, which runs from north to south. The lake includes a stream, a river and a large number of lakes, rivers and streams in the area.

It features a Civil War Memorial Walk, with six markers depicting the role of Pocahontas and Randolph County in the Civil War, including the years of service they served. What the website does not convey is the feeling of the place, so read more about the history for yourself.

Nestled in a two-acre park - like a venue - the museum offers a wide variety of exhibits on the history of Pocahontas, Randolph County and Arkansas. The purpose of the society is to promote family history research, educate the individual, publish articles about Arkansas' ancestors, and preserve and provide historical, genealogical, and biographical sources from Arkansas. It is free for the public and is open to all who are interested in history and genealogy, as well as children.

The River Valley Magazine, a monthly publication ($10) published by the Arkansas State Historical Society and the Randolph County History Society of Arkansas. Russellville is located in the town of Pope County, Arkansas, about 30 miles south of Little Rock. It is located on the west side of the Mississippi at the intersection of Interstate 40 and Interstate 35 and is the seat of Pope County.

Built in 1836, it is the oldest surviving capital of the United States and today serves as a museum of Arkansas history. It is home to the Arkansas State Historical Society and Randolph County History Society, as well as the Russellville Museum and Library.

The park takes its name from the first post office road in this part of Arkansas that passed through Norristown. It is located on the west side of the Arkansas River in the town of Russellville in Randolph County, Arkansas. Built in 1836, it is the oldest surviving city in Arkansas and the second largest city of its kind in North America.

It was founded as the first post office in what is now Russellville and was built on the site of the old railroad line between Norristown and the Arkansas River. It was also built in 1836 with the help of a $10,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Arkansas River Valley is now part of the town of Russellville, Arkansas, about 30 miles east of St. Louis. Attractions in Russell County include the Russell County Courthouse, Missouri Pacific Railroad Depot and American Legion Post. Missouri Pacific Railroad, which built the Russellville Depot in 1916, is an organization dedicated to revitalizing downtown.

More About Russellville

More About Russellville