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At the end of the summer, the Louisiana Office of State Parks revised its list of state parks for the 2016-2017 season. Located on the east side of Lake Dardanelle, just outside Russelville, Arkansas, it has the largest freshwater lake in the state and the second largest in Arkansas. Surrounded by the Arkansas River, a popular tourist destination and home to some of Arkansas "finest beaches, LakeDard Anelle offers the best fishing and boating in Arkansas. With stunning sunsets and over 300 miles of coastline, this is another popular place to escape Fort Smith and Little Rock.

Lake Dardanelle is the state's largest freshwater lake and the second largest in Arkansas, and its fishing permit also contains lake information. Visit the Visitor Centre to see the impressive aquarium and learn more about the aquatic life that lives in and around the lake.

Lake Dardanelle is the second largest freshwater lake in Arkansas and the third largest in the United States, and it is also the most productive perch fishing in the state. The lake offers many recreational opportunities and is home to a variety of fish species such as bluefish, whitefish, perch, wallise, redfish and trout. Located within Lake Dardsonelle, U. of Russellville is one of Arkansas' most popular tourist attractions and a popular fishing destination. A recent study by the Arkansas Department of Natural Resources (ARDNR) found that there are more than 1,000 fish species within a 1.5-mile radius of its shores.

Attractions in Russellville include the U of U of Dardanelle Museum, Russell County Museum of Natural History and the Arkansas State Capitol Building.

Golf at Russellville Country Club ( or golf at Russell County Golf Course ( Other outdoor activities include hiking, cycling, fishing, hang gliding, swimming, horseback riding and other outdoor sports.

Arkansas Highway 27, which leads from Danville to Glenwood, offers a great day trip suitable for a family group. From there, take Ark-374 West for 8 miles, then Arkansas 103 West to Jasper, AR, and further west on US Highway 62 to Salem AR. Next, take US Highway 412 West for 3 miles and then drive to Ash Flat for 2.5 miles to Russellville (Russell County Park & Recreation Center). From there, drive west for four miles until you reach Russell City, Arkansas, south of Russell City.

From there, take Highway 307 west for 2.5 miles to Russell City (Russell County Park & Recreation Center) and then take US Highway 412 West 3 miles south.

For this trip, you will start in Mammoth Spring, AR and travel approximately 100 miles on Highway 7 North to Hot Springs, Russellville AR. From there cross the Buffalo River, take US Highway 62 West for 14 miles and then onto Arkansas 43. Take the AR-73 westbound (Ark-74 for 16 miles) and Ark.-103 North (Arkansas-103) for 13 miles. Drive to Hardy, then take AR 164 (AR 7) to Russell City (Russell County Park & Recreation Center), then to Hardin, Arkansas.

This site offers access to the Arkansas Grand Canyon at the bottom of the Buffalo River, north of Hardin, AR. Route 74 is on the left, then right on AR-73 and then Arkansas-103 North to Russell City.

The park offers checklists, maps and brochures for birdwatchers, and some are also available privately. The most important park in Russellville is Lake Dardanelle State Park, which features the Grand Canyon of Arkansas and the Buffalo River, as well as a number of other scenic attractions. Just 10 miles from it, you can enjoy the lake from one of the stunning state parks that are located there. Fishing and boating are allowed and with the view it is a great place for a family to camp. We have a few other parks in the area, all just over 10 miles from Lake Dardah.

All of these state parks are located in the Russellville area, just a few miles from Lake Dardanelle State Park and about 10 miles from the Buffalo River.

This rest area, located just outside the Ozark National Forest in the mountains, was the first "rest area" in Arkansas. It was built on an old railway track and was located on Arkansas Highway 7 (Highway 123) north of Russellville, AR. The route starts at the intersection of Arkansas Highway 7 and Highway 123, which is near a town called Lurton, AR, and is about 10 miles from the Buffalo River and about a mile from Lake Dardanelle.

The lake is located between the two cities on the I-40 corridor and is also part of the Ozark and Ouachita National Forests. The lake was created in the 1930s by a dam that led to the creation of Lake Dardanelle, one of the largest lakes in Arkansas and the second largest in North America.

It is also one of the cleanest lakes in the USA and is located on a beautiful hunting property just outside the town of Russellville on the I-40 corridor. Located along the Arkansas River, this 34,300-acre reservoir is a great place to fish for perch, trout and other fish. It is the largest lake in Arkansas and is considered a diamond lake. The lake is currently about 30 miles east of Little Rock, Arkansas, south of Rogers.

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